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Death Gaming 3.3.5a PVP Server (read info)

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1cool Death Gaming 3.3.5a PVP Server (read info) on Пон Юли 18, 2011 8:27 pm

*Server Realm List: death-gaming.no-ip.org*
CLASSES percentage of working class spells, talents and pets
Death Knight working 99% is tested !
Druid working 100% is tested !
Hunter working 100% is tested !
Mage working 100% is tested !
Paladin working 100% is tested !
Priest working 100% is tested !
Rogue working 100% is tested !
Shaman working 100% is tested !
Warlock working 100% is tested !
Warrior working 100% is tested !
All items & Glyphs Effect Working Perfecty TOo!!!
BattleGrounds, PvP Zones and Arenas !!!
Random Battleground is available
Warsong Gulch is available
Arathi Basin is available
Eye of the Storm is available
Alterac Valley is available
Strand of the Ancients is available
Isle of Conquest is available
PvP Arenas !!!!
Blade's Edge Arena is available
Nagrand Arena is available
Ruins of Lordaeron is available
The Ring of Valor is available
Dalaran Sewers is available
PvP Zones !!
Wintergrasp is working PErfectly !!
Icecrown Citadel is available 12/12 Bosses are fully Scripted !!
Ruby Sancturme is available 5/5 Bosses are Fully Scripted !!!!
and of course other instances working perfectly too !!
Server Custom Scripts !!
1. Change Faction/Race Npc
2. Trainer All in One
3. Proffesion NPC
4. Skill NPC
5. Teleporter
6. Arena EXchanger NPC
7. Anti Spam Protection
8. Anti Cheat PRotection
9. Anti Flood PRotection (Dos&DDos)
10. BEast Master
11. Buffer
12. Pvp System
13. Duel System
14. And Really Much More. Just come and See!
SITE www.deathgaming.no-ip.org

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2cool Re: Death Gaming 3.3.5a PVP Server (read info) on Пон Юли 18, 2011 8:35 pm

Линк към сайта в профила ми

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